View third graders were busy working independently on reading, practicing comprehension utilizing technology, and practicing Reader's Theater scripts for fluency and expression. The morning also included small group instruction with Mr. Ganzeveld called 'What I Need' time.

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Digital Device Plan Q and A

Does the Chromebook require Internet access?
To be fully functional, yes it does require an Internet connection. However, any work done offline will automatically sync up once an Internet connection is reestablished. This does require a bit of planning as the Doc, Sheet, or Presentation being worked on will need to be left open before the Internet connection is interrupted. So, if a student is working on a Doc at school, they need to leave this document open when they leave school. Any work they do offline will automatically update when the Chromebook reconnects to the Internet.

Why did we choose Chromebooks for our 6-9th graders?
A committee comprised of teachers and administrators from across the district as well as members of the school board and central office made the recommendation to purchase this type of device. Chromebooks have a high utility and a low cost point, so they are a great value.

Are the policies for the Chromebooks and MacBooks different?
There are some differences.

  • Students will be allowed to keep their Chromebooks over the summer. We will still require students using MacBooks to turn them at the end of each school year.
  • The fine structure for the Chromebooks will be less expensive than the fine structure for the MacBooks. There will still be no cost to students or families for either device if they are well maintained.
  • The policy for the Chromebook does not include any references to student loaded software or music.
All students in grades 6-12 will be required to sign and return the student laptop policy agreement form before any devices will be issued.

Click here for a PDF brochure.

Click here to see more FAQs.

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