The Oregon Trail

These middle schooler’s are playing the Oregon Trail game as they wrap up the Manifest Destiny unit in Mrs. Baumgartner’s history class. This unit covers the following grade level standards:

-Understand the role of scarcity and economic trade-offs and how economic conditions impact people’s lives.
-Understand the use of geographic tools to locate and analyze information about people, places, and environments.
-Understand how human factors and the distribution of resources affect the development society and the movement of populations.
-Understand how physical processes and human actions modify the environment and how the environment affects humans.
-Recognize historical periods and patterns of change within and across cultures, such as the rise of civilizations, the development of transportation systems, the growth and breakdown of colonial systems and others.

ISASP Testing April 1st-12th

District students have completed their first week of testing and will wrap up spring tests at the end of this week. Feedback from students with the new formatting of the assessments has been encouraging.

The Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) is replacing the Iowa Assessments as Iowa’s main state accountability test for all students in the spring of 2019. Notable changes between the ISASP and Iowa Assessments include:

-A Language Arts and Writing assessment

-Science offered only for grades 5, 8, & 10

-Online administration of the ISASP through Pearson Access Next

-The assessments will no longer be timed

The new tests also have features that were not available on former assessments.

2nd Grade Science

The students in Mrs. Moore’s classroom were engaged in studying size differences among solids. The Solids & Liquids unit explored the differences between solids and liquids, their properties, and how to identify them. The students learned properties such as bubbly, foamy, viscous, smooth, hard, rough, and malleable as well as many others.

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