100th Day!

Feb. 1 was the 100th day of school this year!  Students celebrated the day with a variety of special learning activities.

Kindergarten students brought in collections of 100 items and then shared about what they brought. Speaking in front of their class builds confidence and language development. Other kindergarten activities included making special hats, seeing what they would look like at age 100 and then writing about it, doing 10 sets of 10 different exercises, and counting out 10 pieces of 10 different snacks.

First grade students also made special hats, strung 100 pieces of cereal into necklaces, and stacked 100 cups.

Second grade activities included making a trail mix snack of 10 sets of 10 different ingredients. Thanks to everyone who donated, there was extra for future snack times!

Third graders were digitally transformed into 100-year olds and then wrote about what they wanted to have accomplished in their lives by the time they were 100.

The 100th day of school is always fun at Prairie Heights!