Fall Parties and Costume Parade





Prairie Hill Families –

Our Fall Parties and Costume Parade are scheduled for Thursday, October 31st. The costume parade will begin at 2:20pm and classroom parties will follow.  If you do not want your child to participate in the parties or parade, please let your child’s classroom teacher know. You can either pick your child up early that day or your child will be supervised and can read, do homework, or play on iPads.

Fall Parties and Costume Parade
Please remember that only pre-packaged treats are okay to bring.  We would appreciate if you are signed up to bring treats to contact your child’s teacher to see if there are any food allergies to avoid.  Parents are welcome to attend the classroom parties, but please do your best to make sure students are following our Prairie Hill expectations.  We request that parents view the parade from inside the gym as the students will need to line up along the hallways.  There is plenty of room in the gym and all students will be passing through.

Costume Guidelines
If your child is planning to wear a costume, we ask that any weapons (guns, knives, spears, etc.) be eliminated from the costume.  Please do not apply anything that looks like fake blood as well.  We also ask that students not bring face or hair paint, or come to school with faces or hair painted.  Please remember that the students will need to be able to get themselves into their own costumes for the most part and they only have 20 minutes to get changed and be ready to go for the parade.  As a safety concern any students wearing masks as part of their costume must be able to clearly see where they are going.  Please also be sensitive to the fact that we have young children in the building who could be scared very easily.

Your understanding and support are appreciated by the entire Prairie Hill staff!