January 2018 Construction Update – An Inside Look

Below is an update on our construction projects for January 2018. The photos below will take an inside look at the progress being made during Phase I. Phase I work is currently on schedule to be completed for the 2018-2019 school year. Phase I work includes a new cafeteria, science wing, band and choir rooms, varsity locker room and concessions additions.


  • Waterproofing and back fill has been completed.
  • Masons continue to work on load-bearing walls – 95% complete.
  • Masons are working on interior non load-bearing walls – 98% complete.
  • Work continues setting structural steel columns – 90% complete.
  • Work continues on prepping the floors for concrete – 75% complete.
  • As the masons continue building more walls, mechanical Electrical and Plumbing will follow – 98% complete.
  • Temperature controlled spaces added.
  • Tile installation to begin in February.
  • Terrazzo flooring installation to begin in February
  • Metal stud framing and walls to be installed in the upcoming weeks.
  • Metal roof decking is complete.
  • Outside brick has started on the north side .
Cafeteria – Ground Floor
Looking into the cafeteria from above.
Front of the cafeteria.
Cafeteria Exterior View.


  • Masons have completed 90% of load bearing walls.
  • 75% of the floors have been poured.
  • Soon as the choir addition has been completed, Larson will then focus on completing the science wing due access.
  • Will work towards enclosing the entire wing through February.
A look from inside the court yard looking west. 
Science Addition
Inside the Science Addition Looking North
Exterior Look at the Science Addition


  • Painting will begin in January.
  • Masons have completed the load bearing and non-load bearing walls.
  • Concrete floors have been poured and completed on the first level and second level.
  • Concrete will be poured for the second level to be completed in early December.
  • Above ceiling rough-ins (duct work, electrical, plumbing) work is ongoing.
  • Metal stud framing work is ongoing.
  • Temperature controlled spaces are 100% complete.
  • Interior non-load bearing walls are 90% complete.
Inside Look at the Band Room Addition
Inside Look at the Band Room Addition Looking North
A View of the Band Room Addition from the Second Floor
Practice Rooms


  • Painting will begin in January.
  • Metal stud framing walls have started.
  • Tiling the bathrooms will begin in February.
  • The masons are have completed installation of load bearing walls.
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-in work is ongoing.
  • Roofing work is now complete.
Choir Room Addition
Mirror Room – Choir Room Addition
Second Floor Hallway Leading to Practice Rooms – Choir Room Addition
Exterior Look at the Choir Addition Looking North from the Court Yard


  • Exterior brick work has been completed.
  • Above ceiling rough-ins (duct work, electrical, plumbing) work is ongoing.
  • Painting and tile work will begin in February.
New Concessions Area Located at the Very South End of the Main HS Hallway
Inside Look at the Concessions Addition
Varsity Locker Room Addition
Exterior Look at the Varsity Locker Room and Concessions Addition