Where Are They Now? Meet 2003 Prairie Grad Andrea (Jansa) Woodard

Name: Andrea (Jansa) Woodard

What year did you graduate Prairie High School? 2003

What is your current position?
Director of Public Policy with the Greater Des Moines Partnership

What are your job responsibilities?
I lead the planning of policy events for the organization, lobby at the state and federal levels of government, work with the Immigration Council and Iowa Caucus Consortium.

Describe your career/educational path since graduating from Prairie High School.
After graduating from the University of Iowa with bachelor’s degrees in political science, communications studies and a minor in business, I began working as a clerk in the Iowa Senate. Over the course of the next decade, I worked on a legislative campaign, worked for a non-profit organization in community organizing, served as assistant to the Iowa House Majority Leader and worked as a research analyst in the Iowa House of Representatives. It was in 2015 when I started in my role at the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

What advice would you give to today’s high school graduates?
Take every opportunity you can find to grow both personally and professionally, build your network, listen more than you talk and always show gratitude for those who have helped you along the way.