Parent Volunteers Included in School Safety Effort

The College Community School District takes pride in the efforts of all volunteers in the district. From classroom volunteers to special project volunteers, all are valued. “The reason we have volunteers at Prairie is to enhance the educational experience of our students,” said Kathy Waychoff, College Community School District Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers play an important role in our district as they support and assist our schools and staff in their efforts to provide educational opportunities for all students. With so many active volunteers who have direct contact with our students, it is imperative that we have policies and procedures in place. “The safety of our staff, students, visitors, and volunteers is our highest priority,” said Waychoff.

To be a volunteer in the district, each individual has to complete an online volunteer registration form through our KeepNTrack software. In 2008, the District implemented KeepNTrack, which is a system designed to screen individuals against a national sex offender database. In the fall of 2017 the district added an additional screening tool with KeepNTrack which allows us to complete a criminal background check on all potential volunteers. Waychoff stated that “our District has made a financial commitment to support this screening system so we can be proactive in our efforts to keep kids safe.” 

Through this system, the applicant simply fills out information about themselves and indicate the schools and areas they would like to support. After submitting their registration form, the volunteer will be notified once their form has been processed. The screening and notification process usually takes 24 hours. Upon arriving at our schools, volunteers sign in at the main office.

Each school year, the database is cleared in June. To keep our system current and up-to-date, the process starts over each July which means volunteers must complete the process for the upcoming school year. 

KeepNTrack also helps our staff identify and track who are in our buildings each day.  The system also allows us to track total volunteer hours given to our district. In the 2017-2018 school year, College Community School District had 1,212 active volunteers with 17,613recorded volunteer hours during the school day. This number does not include hours from events that take place after the school day or on weekends.

“We have such a supportive community here at Prairie,” said Waychoff. “Our volunteers understand it takes a village to support and provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible.  This would not be feasible if it were not for our wonderful volunteers.”

The district would love to have more volunteers to keep enriching our student’s educational experiences. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for people with different interests and backgrounds. For more information about our volunteer program contact Kathy Waychoff at 319-848-5224 or

CLICK HERE to apply to be a volunteer.

Article Written By  Morgan Flynn,
District Office Intern, Class of 2019