Iowa BIG – Teaching kids core academics and 21st century skills through authentic projects with community partners

Check out the latest news on Iowa BIG.  Iowa BIG is currently a partnership of the Cedar Rapids Community School District, the College Community School District and the Linn Mar Community School District.  The Iowa BIG program was created by the community and through the community building effort of The Gazette Company and The Cedar Rapids Community School District.

Iowa BIG, which teaches kids core academics and 21st century skills through authentic projects with community partners, was born in 2012. Iowa BIG now provides this unique, 21st century learning environment to 250 kids in3 school districts (Linn Mar joined in 2016) in two locations. An additional Iowa BIG affiliate serves over 60 kids in the Charles City and New Hampton area.

 I AM IOWA BIG MONTH  –  The month of January is I am Iowa BIG month.  We’re featuring student stories on all of our social media platforms (@IowaBIG on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) every single day during the month of January to showcase the students, projects, and success stories happening at BIG.  We’re featuring students from all three districts and from both Iowa BIG tables (New Bo +Boyson).  Every Tuesday a student from BIG takes over the Instagram and Facebook “Story” for what we’re calling “Takeover Tuesday”to showcase a day in the life of a BIG student.  All of these things are to help reach more students and gain interest right before registration in February.

 PARENT NIGHTS –  We’re hosting an open house for interested parents and students to come and learn more about Iowa BIG.  Meet the staff, get information, and ask questions.  Stop by anytime between 4:30-6:30 PM at BIG on Boyson Monday January 28th or at New Bo Thursday January31st.  We have a brief presentation over the program that will start at5:30.  For additional information, please visit our website or email Amanda Zhorne (

ALUMNI CONVENING –  Alumni of Iowa BIG are gathering at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library Thursday January 10th.  This event serves as a way to reconnect with old friends and classmates, and network with new ones.  BIG wants to know about the post-secondary journeys of its graduates, and plans to collect information to help better serve the current and future students of the program.  The event had an RSVP that has already ended.