Last Day of School June 7, 2019

Fellow Prairie Hawks,

I am pleased to inform families that the final plan for school make up related to the extraordinary number of weather cancellations this year was approved by the Board.

I have been trying to keep families informed to the greatest extent possible through this process, knowing that in the moment there was much winter weather ahead.

As I noted in previous communications, since this is such an unusual winter, I intended to take advantage of state flexibility for meeting student contact hours since we meet those requirements through hours NOT days.  However, I was waiting to gage the feasibility of this until we were through the bulk of the winter.  On an interesting note, if this flexibility had not been passed just over 5 years ago, we would be going to school until June 19.

I am pleased to inform families that the last day of school for students will be Friday, June 7.  This day will be a 4 hour early release.  With the multiple strategies employed, including use of end of year planned make up days, extended school day and using professional learning days as student contact days, we were able to make up over 8 of the 11 full days missed.  Additionally, this allows us to meet state requirements for hours while not burdening our families by extending school into the week of the 10th.  Originally, I noted to plan for the last day of school to be June 11, which was a worst case scenario we were able to avoid.

This plan has been approved by the Board and is only subject to change if we get more than 1 more weather cancellation.

Again, the last day of school will be Friday, June 7 with a 4 hour early release.  Thank you for your patience through this arduous winter.

In Service,

Doug Wheeler, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools