Construction Update – May 2019

Below is a May 2019 update on Phase II of our construction projects. Below is an update on recently completed areas, ongoing construction, and summer 2019 projects.


  • Varsity and Junior varsity locker rooms (formerly high school kitchen area)
JV Locker Room
Varsity Locker Room
  • Weight and cardio (formerly high school cafeteria)


New High School Main Entrance (to be completed end of December 2019)

  • Structural steel is 99% complete
  • Roofing is 25% complete
  • Underground plumbing and electrical is complete
  • 80% of the concreate floors is complete
  • Above ceiling electrical, mechanical and plumbing has started
  • Load barring masonry walls are complete
  • Non load barring walls are 75% complete
  • Courtyard brick complete
  • Interior Metals Stud Framing Walls has started 
  • Coming Weeks/Months: glass windows and metal panel installation

North Gym (to be completed end of December 2019)

North Gym
  • Demolition of gym stage and lower locker rooms has began
  • Installation of learning stairs and Fan Stand

PE Locker Rooms (north side of main gym)

  • Demolition is complete
  • Underground plumbing is complete
  • Coming Weeks: Concrete floors and masonry walls will begin

Classroom Renovations (C Hallway)

  • Demolition is complete
  • Metal stud framing walls is 90% complete
  • Mechanical and electrical rough-in work has started
  • Coming Weeks: Drywall, painting, ceiling

Fitness Room (Old Weight Room)

  • Demolition is complete
  • Above Ceiling Rough-in has started
  • Coming Weeks: Paint and wood flooring


Above listed projects ongoing through the summer

Science (D Hallway)

  • Renovate 10 classrooms, offices and storage
  • New flooring, lighting, ceilings, paint, cabinets, mechanical, lockers, electrical, sprinkler system, fire alarms 

New Science Wing

  • Installation of hallway carpet

Old High School Main Office

  • Demolition and remodel
  • New metal stud framing for 8 new classrooms and teacher collaboration room

North Stairwell

  • Remodel: ceiling, paint, hand rails and flooring

New Mechanical Room (across from 2nd floor wrestling room)

  • All new mechanical equipment that will provide heating and cooling, to new weight room, locker rooms, and south main gym

Exterior Improvements

  • The ring road on the west end will receive new concrete, curb and gutters, asphalt and pavement, new sidewalks, light polls, landscaping. To be complete in August 2019 

Hallway Renovation and Improvements

  • Main hallways will be renovated
  • Hallway intersection by old school to be widened

Family Consumer Science Rooms

  • 100% remodel: New flooring, lighting, ceilings, paint, cabinets, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler system, fire alarms 

Arts/Ceramics/Digital Arts/Business

  • Remodel: lighting, ceilings, paint, cabinets, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler system, fire alarms