EZ School Pay Low Balance Notifications Important Information

This email is to inform you that our meal account low balance email notifications from Etrition and EZ School Pay are not working properly due to technical issues within the company.  Please check your student(s) meal account balance often to ensure that they have a positive balance.  Meal account balances can be checked through your EZ School Pay account or by contacting me by phone at 319-848-5337 or email vscott@crprairie.org

You may also contact the assigned person in the building that your child attends.  Here is a list of contacts:

Crest: Cara Hromidko by email: cahromidko@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848- 5280 

Creek: Pam Luther by email:  pluther@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848-5310 

Heights: Christine Oshel by email:  choshel@crprairie.org or phone 319-848-5230 

High School: Hilary Schmidt by email: hschmidt@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848-5340 ext 2045

Hill: Heather Simons by email: hsimons@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848-5330 

Point:  Mary Shramek by email: mshramek@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848-5500 

Ridge:  Teresa Cooper by email: tcooper@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848-5100 

View: Angie Stahle by email: astahle@crprairie.org or phone: 319-848-5260 

Cash and check payments can be sent with your student to school.  Please label the payment with the student’s name.  Please keep payments for multiple students separate if the students are in different buildings. Payments can be turned in at the office or school store of their building.  Payments can also be made online by visiting https://www.ezschoolpay.com/Login.aspx or through the app available on Google Play or Apple Store called EZ School Pay.  If you are creating a new account on EZ School Pay the district is listed as College Comm. School District. 

Thank you for your patience! 

Ginny Scott, Director of Food & Nutrition