Vote November 5 – Revenue Purpose Statement

At the school board meeting on August 19th the school board voted to call for an election on November 5, 2019, to ask the community to consider the approval of an updated Revenue Purpose Statement. This can only be done through voter approval. The Revenue Purpose Statement currently allows the school district to spend the funds raised by the penny sales tax (SAVE) in any way Iowa law allows. This will expire in 2031. If voters approve the Revenue Purpose Statement in November, the school district will continue to be able to spend the penny sales tax (SAVE) funds as Iowa law allows for the duration of the penny sales tax (SAVE).

This will absolutely not raise your taxes. This is an extension of the current Revenue Purpose Statement which will allow the school district to continue to spend the funds as allowed by Iowa law. This is not a vote on the penny sales tax (SAVE). The state legislature has already set the rate at a penny. It is a vote to extend our current Revenue Purpose Statement language for the duration of the penny sales tax (SAVE). Failure on the Revenue Purposes Statement will also not lower taxes. The penny sales tax is collected either way.  

How have the Penny Sales Tax (SAVE) funds been used in the past?
In the past, these funds have been used toward general obligation debt which has lowered the overall tax levy. SAVE funds have also been used to fund the construction of new buildings and numerous renovation projects. Here is a list of projects funded with SAVE funds.

  • Property Tax relief
  • Early Childhood Center
  • Prairie High School Renovations
  • Elementary Buildings and Renovations
  • Technology
  • Interior Road Repairs
  • Playgrounds
  • Campus Building Repair and Renovations
  • Athletic Facility Updates
  • Land Acquisitions
  • Student Built House Lot