Thank You to Our Amazing Community

College Community School District Families and Greater Community:

While election results are not yet official, please accept this note of thanks for the overwhelming support of the Revenue Purpose Statement during this past Tuesday’s election.  The RPS extension was approved by a margin of over 78%.  This extension will ensure College Community Schools will be able to continue using the state-wide penny sales tax (SAVE) to fund projects through 2050.  Approval of the last revenue purpose statement provided for the use of SAVE through 2031 and has greatly benefited our students in a time of growth.

In the past, these funds have been used toward general obligation debt which has lowered the overall tax levy. SAVE funds have also been used to fund the construction of new buildings and numerous renovation projects. Here is a list of projects funded with SAVE funds.

  • Property Tax relief
  • Early Childhood Center
  • Prairie High School Renovations
  • Elementary Buildings and Renovations
  • Technology
  • Interior Road Repairs
  • Playgrounds
  • Campus Building Repair and Renovations
  • Athletic Facility Updates
  • Land Acquisitions
  • Student Built House Lot

Your positive vote ensures we can continue to use this existing funding stream to enhance the student experience for years to come.  We greatly appreciate the trust and support of the greater community in voting to extend SAVE and we take our fiscal responsibility very seriously as we work to serve our students and the greater community.

For more information on SAVE and the Revenue Purpose Statement, click here

Additionally, on November 5, the following members were elected to the Board of Directors to four-year terms.  Randy Bauer (incumbent) District 3, Dawn Kouseh (incumbent) District 1, Angie Ehle (Incumbent) District 4 and Greg Kelsey (incumbent) At-large.

In service,

Randy Bauer                           Dr. Doug Wheeler                   Angie Morrison
Board President                   Superintendent                        CFO