College Community Hard Surface Roads Plan

Prairie Families:

College Community Schools has established this year’s “Hard Surface Roads Only” plan. Please keep in mind that we realize this procedure is inconvenient for many. We will utilize this plan only when necessary to ensure the safety of our students. This process will not replace our normal procedures of cancellations and delays. It is merely an additional plan utilized when only specific segments of our district are unsafe to travel.

Some of you may be puzzled as to why you are receiving this notice, because you actually live on hard surface roads. Many of our hard surface routes only have portions of the route that we have to avoid which in turn alters the bus stop times for everyone. If this is the case, this notice just informs you that your stop times have changed, not the stop location. You will need to check your Campus Portal to determine if you are on one of these routes.

You will be notified that we intend to utilize this policy much the same way that you are notified now of school cancellations or delays. We will announce “Hard Surface Only” via the different news media and on our own website ( as early in the morning as is possible. When we implement the plan you may determine that the roads in your area are passable for a passenger vehicle. The same conditions may not be safe for a 78 passenger, rear wheel driven school bus. This plan must be implemented “district wide” each time we announce it. We do not have the ability to implement this plan for certain segments of the district and not others. In that respect this must be an “all or nothing” plan.

To keep our information communication system consistent, you will now be required to access hard surfaced route information via the Campus Portal (just like you did this summer for your busing information). You will need to log into Campus Portal using your username and password. The information will then be in the lower portion of transportation tab. Please access as soon as you receive this information so that you know if you are on one of these routes. This will help to avoid any confusion when we need to implement “Hard Surface Only” on a future school day. If you are unsure of your Campus Portal log in please contact your student(s) building for this information.

If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to contact the transportation office at 319-848-5204.

Thank you,

Kris Hartgrave
Transportation Director