Prairie Heights 1st Graders Learn About Citizenship

First grade students at Prairie Heights Elementary School learned about Toys for Tots from Michelle Matt, the program coordinator in Linn County.  Students have been learning how they can be good citizens in their school, their community and globally.  Students have also been learning about wants, needs and citizenship in as part of their Junior Achievement unit.

The goal is to make students aware of needs all around them and to get them involved in an action project for our community. Heights first grade teacher Michelle Faulkner says, “There is no better way to get kids involved in helping other kids through donating toys for the Toys for Tots program.”

Last year Toys for Tots in Linn County served 4,889 children and 19,308 toys were distributed.  The Toys for Tots program is a collaborative effort between the Salvation Army and the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program which originated in 1947. Prairie school buildings have been a collection site for Toys for Tots for many years.