College Community – Update Your Student(s) BUsing Needs

In preparation for the 20-21 school year we are asking parents to update their student(s) busing needs.

*Do you have a 10th-12th grader?  Will they need busing?  This must be requested every year.

*Do you need daycare?  This must be requested every year.

 *Do you have a split household?  Must be requested every year.

 *Are you open enrolled?  This must be requested every year.

*Have you moved?  You must update your address with the district in order for busing to be established.

We will automatically route for all K-9 students to/from their primary address listed in our system.

Please follow the directions below that will help you register your student for the 20-21 school year.  We must have all requests by August 1, 2020.  Thank you for making sure that your student is properly registered for busing.  We hope to have all busing information listed in your parent portal account by August 1st.  Please check this location prior to the first day of school.  Routes will change over the summer so please do not assume that busing is the same as last year.

Click on Resources

Click on Transportation

Choose the Appropriate Link or Links for your Student(s)

Fill in the form and make sure to hit submit.


Click on Resources

Click on Forms

Choose the address change form and fill in the blanks.  Make sure to hit submit when finished.

Please contact the College Community Schools Transportation Office at 319-848-5204 if you have any quetions.