Technology Update and Important Dates

Important Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday Aug 26 10am-6pm:
Temporary Virtual Learning device pickup at building of attendance

Wednesday Aug 26 10am-6pm:
Tech help desk for broken school computers at Prairie High School Main Entrance

Thursday Aug 27 10am-6pm:
Cohort B device pickup for students in K-6 at building of attendance and new students at Point and HS

Wifi Hotspots: 

We have received many calls about providing internet access due to the recent storm damage. In our planning over this summer, resources were collected and will be mobilized to provide for families who do not have internet access due to financial reasons that are ongoing. This includes data obtained from the state connectivity survey and data from online registration. 

We are not able to mobilize hotspots for families who typically have internet access but do not currently due to the recent storm for a short term. Unfortunately, we could not plan for such a terrible situation.  For students in our Temporary Virtual Learning program, the purchased curriculum package is based on students self-pace, so students will be able to participate in lessons at their pace once the home has internet restored. 

If there are extenuating circumstances that are long term for multiple weeks or months, please reach out to your building and we’ll see what solutions we may have.