Back to School Information and Updates 8-26-20

As we begin the year in a Hybrid Model, K-12 students will attend school in person on the days scheduled for their assigned cohort. Cohort A students will participate in Onsite learning beginning August 31 (September 8 for preschool). Cohort B students will also begin on August 31 (September 8 for preschool) with At-Home learning.

On the days that students are learning at home, they will complete required learning posted by their teacher/s and submit assignments using SeeSaw (K-2) or Google Classroom (3-12).

There will be no synchronous (live) online learning since teachers will be providing instruction to the other cohort of students onsite.      
Please note, instruction and activities for preschool students will include “take home” materials and not an online “homebase”.  Additional information regarding the hybrid model in preschool will be shared with families during virtual home visits.  

K-2 Students
SeeSaw will serve as the online “Home Base” for grades K-2. SeeSaw houses student lessons and assignments from teachers, while also supporting communication between students and their teachers as well as communication between teachers and parents/guardians. Students will need to submit required assignments through SeeSaw. Seesaw Directions 

3-12 Students            
Google Classroom will serve as the online “Home Base” for grades 3-12. Google Classroom houses student lessons and assignments from teachers, while also supporting communication between students and their teachers. Students will need to submit required assignments through Google Classroom.
Google Classroom Directions

If you have questions about SeeSaw or Google Classroom, please contact your child’s teacher.

All busing information can now be seen in your Campus Portal account.  Please check this information often as we are still making daily changes. Times could change in the next couple of days. We cannot guarantee that changes to your busing will be completed prior to Monday.  Please plan accordingly if your busing does not reflect the correct busing information.  Only students assigned to the bus will be allowed to ride.

Please remind your student that they must come to the bus with a mask and wear it while on the bus and that they will be required to sit in an assigned seat.  Siblings will be asked to sit together.  If you have questions, please contact the transportation department at 319-848-5204.
Prairie Families:
College Community Schools believes in the essential nature of music education and the performing arts.  Performing arts pose a unique challenge in our current mitigation practices related to COVID-19 and our return to onsite instruction.  Our band and choir classes are some of the largest classes held during the day.  Additionally, the nature of singing and playing an instrument pose different challenges than a regular classroom setting.

As a district we firmly believe that students should have access to a rigorous standards-based music experience during this pandemic.  Music education not only offers development of a life-long skill, it enhances the development of team work and collaborative problem-solving.  Additionally, the arts offer a respite for us in difficult and uncertain times.

The regular functioning of our performing arts classes will need to look different this year.  Our 5-12 Performing Arts team has assembled the following procedures that take into account the unique nature of music at Creek, Point and Prairie High School.  These procedures are designed to ensure students continue to have access to an important and essential element of their school experience.  I applaud the attention and dedication of this group of educators in preparing these procedures to address the unique nature of their classrooms.

Click here for the Band and Choir Safety Plan

In Service,

Doug Wheeler, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools