College Community to Launch New Website

We are excited to announce that the College Community School District will launch a new District and individual Prairie school websites in the coming weeks. The launch of a new College Community website, including a new address, is the result of a year-long effort to improve the usability and accessibility of our online presence, streamline navigation, and update and revitalize information and resources for our school community.

In order to identify priorities for our new school sites, the district engaged parents and community members, teachers, administrators and other stakeholders through a community-wide survey last school year. The process that followed included interviewing vendors, holding focus groups on design and incorporating current best practices and accessibility standards throughout the rebuild.

“The new College Community website is intended to give our users easier access to the most sought-after information,” said Executive Director of Technology Eric Townsley.  “Efforts have been made by our staff to update and refresh materials, streamline where content is stored, enhance the usability, and provide accessibility of the site.  We are committed to making it as easy as possible for parents and the public to engage with our schools.”