District Annual Notices

District Annual Notices

School districts are required to give patrons notifications regarding annual notices. The link below is school, state and federal notices that are posted on our district homepage, www.prairiepride.org under ‘Reporting’. Districts are required to give the information to the public every year. Click on the link below for annual notices.


District Office
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Internships Provide Valuable Experiences

Internships Provide Valuable Experiences

Prairie High School students took advantage of summer to intern at many area businesses. Students experienced either a 45 hour or 90 hour internship. Click Here to check out all the students and businesses that participated this past summer. Currently juniors and seniors are signing up for fall job shadows which take place during the school day and typically last 2 – 4 hours.

Please access www.workplace-learning.org under JOB SHADOWS to complete an application.  Email Mary Gudenkauf at Mgudenkauf@prairiepride.org for more information.

Informational Flyers Now Posted on Prairie Backpack

Prairie Backpack

Prairie Backpack is College Community School District’s “green” approach to distributing information from school sponsored activities and non-profit organizations.

If you would like to be notified of informational flyers, you can subscribe via email. The Prairie Backpack logo is located on on the left side of each building page including district home page www.prairiepride.org. You can also find it by visiting www.prairiebackpack.org. When you visit the site, enter your email address to subscribe to Prairie Backpack and receive notifications of new posts by email.

All flyers will be posted on Prairie Backpack so check out the site so you don’t miss out on school and community information and opportunities.

Intermec Honored

Michael Ehler and Jennifer Richey
Michael Ehler and Jennifer Richey

Michael Ehler and Jennifer Richey from Intermec-Honeywell accepted an award honoring the Intermec Foundation for their twenty years of support to the district through the awarding of K-12 Educational Grants.

This Foundation’s generosity to our district for the past ten years alone has been over $160,000. These funds have made a tremendous impact for our students and staff. Every building has benefited from these Intermec K-12 Grants. They have helped to build a foundation that we continue to use today.

Even though Intermec-Honeywell is a technology company, they have not limited their grants to technology needs. Some of the projects funded have been: guided and classroom reading support materials; math, social studies, and science extension supplies; document cameras and projectors; flat screen monitors; the Washington DC field trip; orchestra instruments; iPads and Chromebooks.

These grants are different from most in that the Intermec employees initiate them. They are indicative of the strong relationships staff has built with community members and parents. We are extremely grateful to Intermec for enabling the visions of our staff to become reality with their financial assistance.

Thank you Intermec Foundation for your commitment to education and our schools.

76th Avenue Now Open

We are pleased to report that the main construction items on 76th Avenue will be completed by tonight. The city of Cedar Rapids is comfortable with having all College Community traffic use 76th Avenue near the Prairie campus.

Please understand that this is still a construction zone so please be careful of construction workers when utilizing this stretch of 76th Avenue.

Attention High School Students and Parents: Starting Tuesday, August 26, the release time for students will return to 3:45 pm.

Parent Notifications


Last year the College Community School District contracted with SchoolMessenger, a provider of notification services for parental outreach and emergency broadcasts.

The notification system is designed to automatically notify parents for reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of students. The notification system will extend the district’s existing community outreach efforts and emergency preparedness procedures, as well as inform parents of information that will impact an entire building.

The notification system will not replace current school communication methods. Buildings will still continue to communicate via current methods including paper-based memoranda.

Again, the notification system is intended to provide timely communication regarding emergencies, safety concerns, and community outreach efforts.

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