Work continues for Prairie High School seniors on the student-built house located at 208 Ridge Drive in Fairfax. On this day students were busy installing trim, kitchen cabinets and bathroom tile. During warmer weather they have installed stone on the front porch are finishing up the construction of the back deck.


A Focus on "OUR KIDS"

At Prairie High School our number one priority is "Our KIDS!" This has become increasingly evident this year with the changing of our structures to support all students through the RTI (Response to Intervention and Instruction) process.

Our RTI beliefs:

  1. We are committed to every student being successful at Prairie High School!
  2. We assume all students can learn at high levels.
  3. We, as educators, accept the responsibility to ensure high levels of learning for every child.

Our Goal: 100% of students pass all classes.

How are we making this happen?

  • Each week students have an opportunity to get help from any one of their teachers for 30 minutes during the school day.

  • We call this time Enrichment and it occurs every Thursday. Most students are free to choose where they want to attend for Enrichment, however if a student has a D or an F in a class necessary for graduation they may be assigned to Enrichment with their teacher.

  • Another opportunity we have created for Our Kids this year is teacher office hours.

  • Students can take advantage of 1:1 time with their teacher to get answers to their questions, extra help, or reteach material.

  • Teacher grade level teams meet every Tuesday to look over most recent grade data. From the data, teacher teams decide what students need to be assigned an intervention.

  • Interventions range from Enrichment time and office hours to student review meetings. Assigned Interventions continue until the student shows adequate progress in the class.

The administration, faculty, and staff at Prairie High School will continue to go above and beyond everyday to ensure every student receives the help they need to be successful in school.

Jacqueline Lahey, Prairie High School Assistant Administrator

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