Congratulations to the 2014 Boys Cross Country Team who placed 2nd at the 4A State Cross Country meet on Saturday, November 1.



Continual growth is essential.

As a school district we are constantly working to improve in key areas that will benefit the students. Prairie High School is no different. Since the beginning of the year we have already made changes to improve the learning opportunities that are available to each student. This work will not wind down with he school year, but instead will continue to gain momentum as we make plans for next year.

Safety and collaboration are integral to any school operating at its apex. As an administrative team we have been studying indicators that can help us improve these two major components of our school. In an attempt to gather information, we sent a digital survey asking how we are doing in maintaining a safe school where the focus was on learning and collaboration among staff, students, and parents.

The results from the survey were exciting. The numbers showed us that we have many areas to celebrate success, but there were also sectors where improvement is necessary. It was clear through the surveys that students, staff, and parents would all appreciate more of a voice as major decisions are made. As a team we are looking at ways we can make that possible:

  • Prairie High School Advisory Council - students, staff, parents, and administration will meet monthly to discuss upcoming concerns and changes.
  • Class Town Hall Assemblies - administration will meet with each class to discuss and clarify school decisions and other issues. Each class will meet twice before the end of the school year.
  • Student Activity Leadership Team - students meet with administration to plan, discuss, and support upcoming activities.

These initiatives are only laying the foundation to improvement. Our goal is for parents and students to be more connected to the decision making process at Prairie High School. We will continue to look for more ways to bring in outside voices and hope you will continue to give us feedback for how we can improve the learning at our school. If you have ideas for how we can open avenues of feedback do not hesitate to contact us:

You can also contact us via Twitter (@CRPrairieHS) or Facebook.

Dan DeVore
Student Services Facilitator
Prairie High School

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