A Reminder for  PHS Student Pick-up and Drop-off

Reminder  HS check out  – PHS Student Materials Pick-up and Drop-off…

The 2 week schedule for student material pick-up and drop-off for PHS is below.

  • Enter through the New Main Entrance – please wear a mask
  • Students will be able to pick-up belongings in Locker Rooms. Hall Locker contents will be in the PHS Foyer.
  • Students will not be allowed in classrooms – Contact individual teachers by Friday, May 15 if you have left belongings in a classroom. Teachers will collect these items and bag them for pick-up during the scheduled times below.
  • Students will receive a check out sheet and are responsible  for returning Textbooks – Library Books – Calculators – Other Classroom Materials and will be charged if not returned by Friday, June 5.

Seniors you will need to complete your “check-out” sheet before your Diploma will be released:

  • Return all Technology – Cord – Case
  • Textbooks – Calculators – Library Books – Other Classroom Materials
  • All Fees and Fines Paid
  • AP Textbooks Returned
  • Athletic/Activity Uniforms and Equipment Returned
  • Musical Instruments and Uniforms Returned

If you have questions or need special assistance please email kthies@crprairie.org.

Dates Students by Last Name Times Dates Students by Last Name Times
Tuesday May 19/26 A-G 11-2pm
Wednesday May 20/27 H-O 11-2pm May 20

May 27







Thursday May 21/28 P-Z 11-2pm