May 15, 2020 Letter to Students and Families of the Class of 2020

May 15, 2020

Students and Families of the Class of 2020:

In our last communication on April 23, 2020 regarding graduation commencement for the class of 2020, we stated our goal to
make every available attempt to provide the Class of 2020 with a celebration for the great work they have accomplished at
Prairie. Furthermore, we stated our hope that delaying and/or modifying these events, can assist us in providing some sense of
normalcy and closure for our seniors.

While announcements related to our state’s response and restrictions regarding COVID-19 within the past few weeks gives us
great hope for providing a more regular experience for graduation commencement, at this time we do not feel that we can
provide this on May 23rd. Therefore, the purpose of this communication is to inform you that we will move to our previously
announced Plan B for graduation. We feel that this plan will allow us to hold a graduation ceremony with smaller groups of
students and their families and allow for CDC guidance related to social distancing. This plan is as follows:

Changes to events and details will be announced by June 19, 2020
● Prom/Post Prom – Friday, June 26
Seniors and their guests only – parents/guardians ONLY
○ Grand March – Prairie Performing Arts Center at 6pm
○ Prom/Post Prom – Prairie High School from 7pm-12am

● Graduation Commencement – Saturday, June 27 beginning at 10:00am
○ Prairie High School – John Wall Stadium (PHS Gym if                     indoors)
■ If CDC restrictions make it feasible to allow for an audience, we will only allow parents/guardians to attend the
ceremony. Tickets will be issued and family arrangements will be considered in the number of tickets issued.
■ If CDC recommendations continue with gathering restrictions we will hold multiple ceremonies throughout the day.
Seniors will have a graduation ceremony with a smaller subset of the graduating class. An assigned time will be given to individual graduates by June 12, 2020. Please keep your entire day open, after 10:00 am, if multiple ceremonies are held, you will be assigned to one of these ceremonies.

Please note the change in time – to beginning at 10:00 am. In preparation for the need for small groups for a class of 400, we will need to do several ceremonies that day. On Friday, June 12th, you will receive information related to your actual time for graduation

Our goal continues to be providing each graduate, and their parents, the opportunity to have their ‘moment’ when they
hear their name read, to walk the stage, and receive the diploma.

Yours in Service,

Douglas Wheeler
Douglas Wheeler, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Karla Thies
Karla Thies
Prairie High School Principal