Point Items Pick Up Dates/Times

Hello Prairie Point students and families,

With the extended time away from the building not known prior to our departure to spring break, not all students were able to take items home from the building. We would like students to have access to their chromebooks and their band instruments to continue to practice skills. We will have school staff available to assist and provide access to these school items next week on the following dates and times:

Monday 3/23/20 :  from 10-am -12pm and from 4-6 pm

Tuesday 3/24/20:  from 10am -12pm and from 4-6pm

Medication Pick up if Needed: If you are needing to pick up medication from the Nurse’s office please plan to come in at the above mentioned times. If you plan to come in, please email our school nurse, Colleen Elliott, at celliott@crprairie.org. She can have the medicine readied for you and paperwork started for the return. If you do not need the medication at home you may leave it at school, you would not need to come in and pick it up.

Prior to spring break we had asked the students to please remove their gym locks and clear out their gym locker for routine cleaning (we do this every spring break). There are about 100 locks still on lockers. We will be disinfecting the locker rooms and will have to cut locks if these are not removed by Tuesday evening.

Communication will be coming next week with more information about the extended time away and school plans. For now, enjoy the rest of spring break and stay safe/healthy!

If you have any needs or questions during this time, please reach out to me. I will assist the best I can.

Take care,

Kyle Koeppen