2001-2002 Annual Progress Report

2001-2002: A successful year
There are many indicators by which to measure a successful year. This article will highlight the indicators identified by the Iowa Department of Education as well as some locally determined indicators and more.

Reading Review
At College Community we understand the importance of reading to a student's success in school and life. During the 2001-2002 academic year, extra resources and time were comitted to enhancing reading skills from the elementary through the high school. This added emphasis has shown in test scores.

Math Counts
Math education and math test scores were in the news a great deal this year. The community discussion focused on Everyday Math curriculum in elementary schools and low computation test scores. The discussion has confirmed our belief that Everyday Math is a solid math curriculum which we will continue to use. However, the discussion also allowed us to refocus our efforts on computation. Read this article to learn more about math test scores.

Science Challenges Student Thinking
Science is an important component of every student's education. It challenges students to observe, examine and anaylze the world around them.

Long Range and Annual Improvement Goals
Review our progress on the 2001-2002 Annual Improvement Goals and check out our new 2002-2003 Annual Improvement Goals

Kristie Fisher

2001-2002 Annual Progress Report
Grade: Communication
Building: Educational Services Center
Date: 08/15/2002

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