2002-2003 Annual Progress Report

2002-2003: Celebrating Success
In education there are an endless number of ways to measure success. It might be an improved test score, a new concept mastered, the smile of a child who enjoys learning, a parent who reads with their child after receiving helpful tips from a teacher, or a teenager saying no to destructive behaviors.

This article highlights those measures of success identified by the Iowa Department of Education as well as some additional locally determined indicators.

Reading: A Story of Success
Reading is integral to a student's success in all aspects of education and life. Strengthening earlier initiatives, College Community teachers have been focusing on reading skills starting in our preschool classrooms throughout a child's educational career including the middle school and high school. Read this article to learn more about how our initiatives have boosted reading skills and test scores.

Counting on Math Education
This year we continued our efforts to integrate increased attention to computation into our elementary Everyday Math curriculum. This integration alllows us to focus on the traditional basics of computation and higher level math skills at the same time.

In the middle and high school teachers are focusing on addressing all students’ needs. Our 6-12 Success Centers work with students who are struggling with math concepts and students who need extra challenges are taking high school classes in the middle school and college classes in the high school.

The result is well rounded math and reasoning skills at all levels. But as always, we can do more.


The Science of Educating Our Youth
Scientific discovery is a natural component of each child's life. It starts when a toddler examines a bug on the sidewalk and evolves into teenagers exploring the enviromental effects of toxins on groundwater. College Community is proud of our progress in science education, read this article to learn more.

Basic Academic Skills Certificate
Four years ago, College Community Schools became the first school in the state to implement a Basic Academic Skill Certificate graduation requirement. Now the Class of 2004 will be the first Prairie graduates required to document mastery of minimum fundamental skills in reading, language arts, and math prior to receiving a Prairie High School diploma.

Read this article to learn more about the test, our results, and the benefits of the initiative.

Kristie Fisher

2002-2003 Annual Progress Report
Grade: Communication
Building: Educational Services Center
Date: 07/22/2003

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