2003-2004 Annual Progress Report

Success for All
College Community School Dictrict is proud of our Vision-Success For All. And as a district, we strive to help every student achieve success each and every day.

While each success story may differ a little, the collective story focuses on increasing student achievement at every grade, in every subgroup and in each instructional area. Student achievement adds meaning to every story we tell.

This article highlights the district-wide reading and math proficiency rates for grades 4th, 8th and 11th and science proficiency for grades 8th and 11th. It also includes those measures of success identified by the Iowa Department of Education as well as some additional locally-determined indicators.

Basic Academic Skill Certificate
The 2003-2004 school year marked the first year that all high school graduates were required to earn a Basic Academic Skill Certificate prior to earning a Priairie High School diploma. Read this article to learn more.

Prairie Elementary Schools
Elementary students are served by our four excellent elementary schools. The school principals and all teachers work across buildings to ensure that every student, regardless of which elementary school they attend, recieves the same high-quality education.

Prairie Middle School
Prairie Middle School provides a variety of educational and co-curricular programs for their nearly 900 students. While students have opportunities to learn foreign language, technology skills, and consumer science skills as well as participate in music and sports; the focus is student achievement in reading, math, and science.

Prairie High School
Students at Prairie High School are keenly aware of the importance of demonstrating their mastery of basic skills, but it does not stop there. Students are involved in a wide variety of educational experiences that contribute to their well-rounded education.

Kristie Fisher

2003-2004 Annual Progress Report
Grade: Communication
Building: Educational Services Center
Date: 07/07/2004

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