Mrs. Benke’s 2nd Grade Classroom

Welcome to Second Grade at Prairie Ridge! I am so excited that the new school year has started! As I was thinking about new beginnings I decided I would like to try starting each day a little bit differently than I have in the past. Instead of the kids coming in first thing in the morning and getting right to work on some sort of morning job, I wanted to try a softer, less stressful start with some daily theme routines. I am sure there will be tweaks along the way and each second grade class is putting their own spin on it but here is what I am thinking our daily themes will be…
Monday Munchies and Mingling: Monday mornings will be a time where kids can visit with their classmates and catch up on the fun things they did over the weekend while enjoying a little extra breakfast treat. We can practice our speaking and listening skills in a fun, low stress manner.
Book Talk Tuesday: Each student will be assigned a Tuesday of the month where they will share with the rest of the class a book recommendation.. A variety of options will be given for how kids can share. We also hope to work with Mrs. Haskin in the library to create QR codes of book reviews. The QR codes will be attached to the library books for others to enjoy.
Wednesday Wisdom: Students will be writing and sharing on a variety of topics. This is a great way to learn more about each other and build community.
Thoughtful Thursday: It is my hope to help the kids be more aware of the really amazing people that surround them each day and to give them the opportunity to recognize them for their acts of kindness.
Friday Favorites: When students come into the classroom they may choose a favorite activity for a few minutes and then our community circle theme will be sharing our favorite things from the past week or favorites on a variety of topics.
It is my hope that this less stressful start will ease us into our day and help us build a really amazing classroom community that is ready to take on second grade together!