News From Miss Klekar 

In our class meeting last week, we focused on Kindness. We reflected on questions such as:  What does it look like and sound like? How does it make us feel? How does it make others feel?   Does it cost any money or take much time?

We watched a short video about a girl that starts passing a post-it note that said, “You are amazing.”  As the video goes on, we see how the post-it gets passed around the school. Each person that finds it needs a little ‘pick me up’ after a struggle they faced in the day such as: sitting alone at lunch, feeling sad about a broken arm, receiving a bad grade, or lacking a sense of connectedness at school.  Everyone who finds the post-it and reads it smiles immediately. We discussed how being kind is usually free and doesn’t take much time. It can be as simple as a smile or a hello. It can be an action like helping a friend pickup their spilled crayons or asking someone on the Buddy Bench to play with them. In the video the post-it note makes it way back to the same girl who started it to stress that kindness will always return to you if you send it out.       

Along with this video we watched, Kindness Boomerang.  The video begins with a construction worker who helps a boy up who had fallen off his skateboard, who in turn helps a lady carry her groceries across the street.  The boomerang continues as you see how each person who had kindness shown to them shows kindness to another person. The video ends with the same construction worker getting a free cold glass of water from a waitress.  Kindness spread throughout the city block within minutes as one act of kindness led to another. 

The next morning, students came into the classroom with a post-it on their chair with a handwritten affirmation from myself.  Students asked if they could have post-its to write on and then place them in different areas of the school (on staff’s doors/desks or in each others mailboxes).  If you see post-its around the school, know it is a simple act of kindness. Read the post-it but don’t keep it, pass it on! Spread kindness around Prairie Ridge and throughout our community.  Look around; everyone needs a little bit of kindness.  


We Rise By Helping Others

Kindness Boomerang