News From Mrs. Heckart’s Class

With this week including Veterans Day, our class took time to reflect on what it means to be a veteran. We read the story, What is a Veteran, Anyway? By Robert C. Snyder (recipient of Notable Social Studies Trade Book Award) to understand that Veterans Day is a wonderful holiday for citizens to recognize the brave men and women who keep us free. It gives the perspective of what veterans go through on a daily basis, and alludes to their sacrifices during both wartime and peacetime.

After brainstorming ways to show appreciation to veterans, the third graders chose to write letters to veterans (both families and friends) to thank them for their service. It provided an authentic opportunity for the students to learn how to write a letter and create a message to thank a veteran from the heart.

After last year’s Veterans Day Celebration, Prairie Ridge Veteran, Ben Winborn, (Ridge parent of Colin, Zach, and Thomas) was asked to share his story of why he chose to serve our country and what that has meant to his family. His story is now displayed on the Service Stone in the courtyard/garden area. A special thank you to the Winborn boys for designing the images for the stone, Senora Rolfes for painting the stone, and CR Signs for donating the sign with Mr. Winborn’s story. If you are at Ridge, be sure to check it out!

At Prairie Ridge on Veterans Day and other days of the year, we thank those who have served or continue to serve, while sacrificing so much for America to remain the land of the freed and home of the brave.

Ben Winborn’s story: