News from Mrs. Anderson’s TAG class

Currently, the fourth grade talented and gifted group has diligently put their creative and critical thinking into Future Problem Solving for the past several months.  The qualifying bowl will take place on Monday, January 13th at Crest.  All fourth-grade teams will be given a future problem, ‘the scenario’, and collaboratively work together to recognize challenges and solutions. Once the teams have agreed upon a strong solution for the underlying problem an action plan is developed.  If students qualifying for the state bowl, teams will travel to Ames and be given another future scenario.  We wish all FPS teams LUCK as well as STAY CALM AND PRAIRIE ON!!
Team Rad Rescuers.JPG
Team: Rad Rescuers
Team Darkness Destroyers.JPG
Team: Darkness Destroyers
On another note, the third-grade P.A.C.E group has been reading The Wild Robot Escapes, a sequel. Through novel engineering, the children have begun the Engineering Process, prototyping.  During the novel, the robot is refurbished and has been given a new programming database.  We discussed “what if…” we did something similar to a toy that is no longer used or works by them could we modify or combine parts.  In partnerships, diagrams have been mapped and discovery with LittleBits and Makey-Makeys have been helpful for their engineering process.  We are thrilled about the challenge and will be on the GWAEA Think, Make, Innovate in the upcoming months! So stay tuned!!
PACE STEAM prototyping.JPG
Lily and Addison prototyping their design for the repurposing toy.
The third-grade P.A.C.E math group is coding Ozobots for zookeepers challenge that entailed multiplication, research on biomes, and budgeting money.  Since our return from winter break each student has designed a 3-D zoo with the information about each habit for his/her animals of choice.  The coding challenge is to be able to feed each animal habitat WITHOUT stopping.
Desmond has familiarized himself with the code blocking and is ready to test it out on his 3D zoo!
ZooKeeper Challenge.JPG
Mason’s creative design has been any awesome Makerspace opportunity!