News from Mrs. McDermott’s class

Second grade received an awesome gift of STEM bins from PTO to utilize in our classrooms this school year. The idea behind the STEM bins is that students have the ability to think in ways they are not used to in order to design and construct different objects. We were lucky enough to receive enough bins that each 2nd grade classroom is able to have their own set. 

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These bins allow opportunity to collaborate with peers, use higher order thinking, incorporate writing skills, use background knowledge, ask questions, etc. 

These STEM bins allow us to combine many literacy, math and science concepts. For example, we recently began our Solids and Liquids science unit. Part of studying solids involved learning about and constructing towers and bridges as solid structures that can withstand wind. Students were then given materials to plan and construct their towers in small groups. Students reflect on their initial plan after the challenge is complete and respond to whether their initial plan/blueprint worked or if they had to adjust their design. Not only are the bins a great way to connect to our units but they are also a lot of fun!

A HUGE thanks to the PTO from Mrs. McDermott’s class and the entire second grade team!